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World Appeal

Think Locally, Act Globally

We work with many International NGOs on Projects such as Providing Clean, Safe drinking Water and Orphan Welfare. Our main areas of work are in third world countries in a state of poverty and victims of natural disasters.The Charity has a 100 percent donation policy and gift aid can be claimed on all its donations. Currently, all members of the charity work for free. The only costs the charity incurs are administration costs that are bare minimum.

Over the last 2 years the WA charity has organised many projects from evening dinners, cake sales, to family fun days and activities to raise money for the poor and needy. WA has grown and is working in remote Pakistan to deliver water projects in areas like Tharapar, Sindh. Other areas around the world include working in Africa on water projects.


Help us to help them

Water Project

World Appeal believes everyone has the basic right to have access to clean, safe drinking water. According to statistics there are 663 million people without safe drinking water. 315k children die every year from disease caused by unsafe drinking water, that’s 900 children a day!Read More »

In the eyes of an Orphan

As part of our iniative to help orphan children World Appeal has embarked on a new ongoing project “In the eyes of an Orphan”. This project covers education, healthcare and living expenses of the orphan.Our standards are high in which our orphans are kept both living and in education and does not and will not comprise otherwise.Read More »

The Yemen Hungry Crisis

World Appeal is working in partnership with Human Appeal to help the people of Yemen. War has destroyed infrastructure and made many homeless and in the winter many will starve to death. Please support us today.Read More »