World Appeal has always strongly believed in the motto ‘No one should be left behind.’ This reverberates throughout everything we say and do and for us everyone is important and a priority.World Appeal is building solid connections with People, Organisations and Government Bodies as well as many Faith Groups.

We work with many International NGOs on Projects such as Providing Clean, Safe drinking Water and Orphan Welfare. Our main areas of work are in third world countries in a state of poverty and victims of natural disasters.

Water Project

World Appeal believes everyone has the basic right to have access to clean, safe drinking water. According to statistics there are 663 million people without safe drinking water. 315k children die every year from disease caused by unsafe drinking water, that’s 900 children a day!
World Appeal wanted to help and has built a number of water pumps and wells in the most needed areas of Pakistan and Africa.
Each water project made a huge difference and gave access to approximately 73-198 people per project.  These communities were in dire need of clean water. It made a difference between life and death for families who were in need and World Appeal were glad to be a part of this and we hope to have this as an ongoing project as water in an everyday necessity.

In the eyes of an Orphan

As part of our iniative to help orphan children World Appeal has embarked on a new ongoing project “In the eyes of an Orphan”. This project covers education, healthcare and living expenses of the orphan.
Our standards are high in which our orphans are kept both living and in education and does not and will not comprise otherwise. The children follow a strict curriculum so to help them learn, grow and stand on their own two feet. It’s also a 100% donation policy ensuring that every penny of your payment is spent on the child.If you can just imagine a child with no support and the difficulty they are having, you can change that today and change the direction of their futures by supporting our “In the eyes of an Orphan” project

Food packs for women and children in need

World Appeal is working with and supporting Women’s Aid, a voluntary organisation that supports women and children who fall victim to domestic abuse.
They offer support and guidance to women’s and children from all backgrounds and circumstances. Women’s Aid is able to provide support services because of the continued generosity of individuals, local community groups and corporate supporters to help us to continue to provide this vital support.
Please kindly support us and donate to World Appeal to help us support this noble cause. It will help them provide safe, secure and confidential accommodation for Women and children escaping domestic abuse. STOP the domestic abuse woman and children suffer and help them to rebuild their lives and protect the children.
Please support us and our fundraisers for this noble cause.A food pack will cost £40 so please donate generously on the below link.

Supporting the Luton Food Bank

World Appeal has seen the number of people going hungry which is causing considerabe stress, tention, and mental health issues. In some cases children are only have one meal a day and going to sleep hungry.
Please support World Appeal and suport this noble cause to help families so we can help these people especially the children by supporting and helping Luton Food bank.