About World Appeal

World Appeal is a registered charity based in the UK.

Founded in 2011 by a group of altruistic individuals committed to making a difference to the neediest and most vulnerable in society, World Appeal initially begun by providing vital support across the developing world working to prevent and relieve poverty, improve educational literacy and tackle the urgent problem of scarcity of clean drinking water, by caring for orphans, supporting the development of local schools and through the installation of water pumps and water wells in addition to providing emergency and disaster relief as part of the organisation’s response to global humanitarian crises.

After almost a decade of serving the world’s neediest in some of the most remote destinations across the developing world including Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, in 2020, World Appeal began a process of major organisational reform.

We embarked upon an ambitious capacity development programme streamlining its projects and services to continue serving the neediest and most vulnerable in society, by focusing the charity’s resources to five primary areas of impact.

These include tackling water scarcity, education and skills inequality, socio-economic inequality, food inequality, and last but not least, health inequality.

Through its vital interventions, World Appeal aims to continue transforming the lives of its beneficiaries and empower society’s most vulnerable to create sustainable change, in accordance with the charity’s mission, to build sustainable communities through the advancement of equity and equality of opportunity.

This work will continue across the developing world, particularly, in areas of most acute need. However, to reflect the organisation’s increased focus on domestic support across the UK, many of World Appeal’s future projects and services will be delivered for the benefit of UK beneficiaries, in order to supplement the continued support provided to international beneficiaries.



Renovation of a local school in Bandung Indonesia including full infrastructure upgrade to facilitate study.


Installed 100+ water pumps in Pakistan in the Sindh province providing clean drinking water to needy people.


Qurbani (religious sacrifice) in Somalia, India, Pakistan, African countries, and the UK.


Electric project in Malawi providing vital electricity to a local Maternity Ward.


Delivered food and 3 Water wells in Kashmir, Pakistan.


Provided 100 winter coats to children in Luton. Also supported the Luton Food Bank and Keech Hospice, as well as the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.


Provided sleeping bags and winter survival kits to help Senegalese children and European Refugees.


Part-funded the building of education institutions, as well as renovated broken houses for people in Pakistan.



Providing access to clean drinking water in the developing world.


Providing education, employment and skills training to young people aged primarily 16-25 years resident and/or citizens of the UK and abroad.


Providing vocational resources for micro-economic empowerment to underrepresented communities in the UK and abroad.


Tackling Food Inequality by providing essential food provision in the form of warm meals and/or canned food stuff to the needy in the UK and abroad.


Tackling Health Inequality by providing health awareness training to under-represented communities in the UK and abroad.

Donations Policy

Six pence of every pound donated goes to support our operating costs whilst the remaining four pence goes to getting your donations to it’s rightful destinations.

£0.90p of every pound donated goes to the appeals you select.

The administrative costs of the charity are covered by;

  • Six pence of every pound you donate
  • Donations specified for supports & costs
  • Specific fundraisers for World Appeal

The UK Government’s Gift Aid Scheme will reclaim tax from your donation (where specified). Any funds left over will be put towards other appeals.