AJK Deaf Welfare School Project ( Kotli )

World Appeal was in search of a project which would really change young people’s lives. After extensive research we came across the AJK Deaf Welfare School Project; A school based in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Kotli, Pakistan.

Founded in 2002 their aim and mission is to provide formal education, the promotion of sports and work placements within the Government and marriage including rehabilitating boys and girls who are deaf and dumb within Kotli and surrounding areas.

The school started with only 4 students from nursery age and have grown to a total number of 80 students since, made up of 20 girls and 60 boys. The school provides speech therapy, joint curricular activities, access to an IT lab and various other courses which will enable the children to apply themselves in real life.

During the period of 2013, the students took part in their first exams within the Mirpur board and produced 100% results, a result which was welcomed by notable individuals from the community and various governmental departments.

The ratio between boys vs girls is low due to families who live in severe poverty and cannot afford to place their children which such establishments.

As a result we identified that the gap of inequality needs to be closed so that all children can benefit from the fantastic work that is currently taking place.



– Two minibuses ideally to enable the school to pick up and drop off students.


– A purpose built hostel for girls.

Staff Salaries


– A monthly income stream to pay for staff salaries, meals, literature, uniform, stationary, school trips, utilities including rent for the premises


You can help these children where society has failed to by donating towards this cause. By implementing our core belief “ building sustainable communities ” you will be doing exactly that, enabling these children to become more sustainable and lead a life which free’s them from the extreme poverty by providing for their families.

Here is a breakdown of the income required for the school to function at it’s optimal level:

Staff salaries per month
PKR 164,000

Rent for premises
PKR 46,000

PKR 5,000

Stationary and Uniform
PKR 15,000

Cost of a minibus [ 2nd hand ]
PKR 50 Lac each

Purpose built girls hostel
PKR 1,17, 50000

As you can see, they require a repeat income stream of approx. 230,000 PKR per month to function correctly.

They say, “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ”. Let us come together and give these children the power to become sustainable and lead better lives.

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