Distributing Qurbani

Qurbani meat provided by World Appeal

Volunteering to distribute meat on Qurbani for World Appeal was an eye-opening experience.

Like most people we have our family and close circle of friends but we never really look outside of our immediate comfort zone. We may realise that there are social issues within our society but we don’t really pay attention to what is really going on with regards to poverty and people’s hardships; unless we either witness it ourselves or become victims of it.

I had heard a lot from the trustees at World Appeal about families in our home town who were struggling and facing hardships. I heard about single mothers who were struggling to get enough food to feed their kids. The situation with the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns has further added to people’s problems and made the situation of families who were already on the poverty line even more complicated. Many parents have been laid off and finding employment has become increasingly difficult.

I wanted to see if the situation was as bad as I had been told because seeing with your own eyes leaves a lasting impression and can help to make a fair assessment of what is really going on locally.

Following on from the Qurbani appeal, we delivered Qurbani to nearly 50 families. Even though the houses they lived in looked like they needed a lot work, despite all of their troubles, through each door we knocked on, we saw smiling faces.

Just seeing the happiness on the children’s faces when I handed over a bag of meat was enough to make my day worthwhile. A few times when I handed over the meat, children would offer me a bag of sweets. Sometimes the people who have the least in life, seem to possess the biggest hearts, willing to share what little they have.

Imagine knocking on a door and the person who opens it is someone you have known since you were young. This happened to me whilst distributing Qurbani. I was used to seeing this friend usually in a suit, well dressed to work. Never would I have thought that, he would be in need of Qurbani.

The Covid virus has had a devastating effect on millions of people around the country. Many families have lost their loved ones and jobs. These moments made left a lasting impression on me and give you a different perspective of everything. I had to re-evaluate my thinking on what actually was happening around me. 

I delivered Qurbani to homes but I realised that the real heroes were the people who donated money to make everything possible.

All the families that were helped will remember that in their time of need there were Muslims who thought about and helped them. Good conduct and providing help today will leave a lasting impression and those same children who received Qurbani today will grow up and become charitable because they have seen it themselves, so those people who donated have started something great.

Imagine a chain reaction that could live on from generation to generation, started by only a few generous people. Charity is something that makes peoples heart soft and keeps on paying interest as long after we are gone. That is a thought we should all live by.

World Appeal Qurbani