Kashmir School Renovation Project

We have gone extra length to validate this school in remote parts of Kashmir in an area of Roli-Kotli (A.K Pakistan) World Appeal has seen first hand the dire need of a refurbishment to a school that currently educates around 200 + children, this school has cracked walls, fractured flooring, broken or missing desks etc, the school is in an immediate need of refurbishment to the current building and extension to accommodate more classes.

Following works are required:

  • Kitchen Facility /Refectory Area (currently none existent)
  • Toilets, enough to accommodate 200+ children (currently only 1 toilet for 200+ children)
  • Renovating/ securing existing structure to eliminate cracks and falling deteriorating structure
  • Erecting new 5x rooms to accommodate rest of the classes (currently only 3 rooms available for 10 classes)
  • Sealing/Installing glass windows to make them weather proof
  • Installing Heaters/ Fans
  • Floor Renovation
  • Damp proofing and repainting the existing structure.
  • Fitting Clean drinking water filters
  • Play area and Sports equipment (for both girls and boys)
  • Building a wall boundary around the school for children protection
  • Science lab, Computer lab, printers and stationary
  • Desks and Chairs
  • Clothing of all sizes and books (free for only the poor families and children of widows)

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