Fitrana (Zakat al-Fitr)

The amount of Fitrana for year 2021 is calculated based on the value of one meal (one saa').

This year value of Fitrana has been set at £4 per person.

Please do not delay and pay ASAP as it has to be paid, so that your Fitrana can reach those in need, on time.

Donation Journey

  1. 1


    The public generously raises and donates money for our Appeals. Goals will be set and donations are collected at this stage.

  2. 2

    Gift Selection

    Our team members will ensure that appropriate gift is selcted.

  3. 3

    Donation Delievred

    Our teams will ensure your selected donation is delivered on time.

  4. 4


    We will send you a report with photos and details about project showing you how your donation was appropriately used.