Solar Water Filtration System

Hands holding Water

A Sustainable Solution

At World Appeal, we aim to satisfy the growing demand for safe water in Asia and Africa, whilst reducing the environmental impact associated with it. This has been the driving force behind World Appeals new project, ‘Solar Powered Filtration Plants’.

The filtration of groundwater requires energy which is typically supplied from fossil fuels, our solution is by using solar power as it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable therefore reducing our carbon footprint given the growing climate change concerns around the world and providing safe water in rural communities.

The Filtration Plant

The Filtration Plant uses a water purification technology called reverse osmosis which utilises a membrane to treat impure or contaminated water. In this reverse osmosis process, the water is passed through a thin membrane at very high pressure. The pressure causes the water to pass while filtering bigger molecules of impurities including salts and minerals. This process requires a high energy input which can sometimes be difficult in Asian and African regions.

The development of a solar-powered filtration plant means that the energy needed for the process can be gained by mother nature, the Sun, which is our biggest source of energy resulting in a cheaper, greener and more environmentally friendly solution for rural communities

Solar Powered Well


A sustainable, environmentally responsible solution