World Appeal Water Fund

Water Well

Access to clean water can transform the life of one individual to entire communities.

Community water wells can serve more than 1,000 people which are often located in arid areas where water scarcity is particularly high. The wells are wide and deep, making them dependable during all seasons. These water wells provide enough clean water for families, livestock and crops.

Note: A water well can take up to 9-12 months from start to completion, in certain locations, the wells can only be constructed during certain times of year.

Wells may be constructed with a pump or with a bucket at the discretion of our expert teams on the ground, based on factors that determine which is most suitable on a case-by-case basis. World Appeal do not implement water wells and then move on. We have contracts and agreements in place to make sure the wells and pumps continue to function year on year.

Water Well


Providing clean water for families, livestock and crops.